Coldwell Banker Burnet

In a down real estate market what do you do?

Scope of Service: Campaign, Outdoor, Production


Creating brand awareness in a very crowded soft drink market.

Scope of Service: Brand Identity, Print, Outdoor, Production

Carol, The Care Marketplace

Introducing a new way to shop for health care. 

Scope of Service: Core brand identity, design, print, OOH

Dorsey & Whitney

How do you celebrate 100 years of practice?

Scope of Services: Design, Web Design, Print Production

The Minneapolis Club

How to give a 125-year old club a facelift.

Scope of Services: Brand, Design, Print, Direct Mail, Production


Helping market over 50,000 products at a very senior level.

Scope of Services:, Design, Print Production

Walt Disney World

Kenyon was tapped to help create Disney World signage system. 

Scope of Services: Design, fabrication, installation


Introducing a pen store with price range from $20 to $40,000.

Scope of Services: Name, Brand Identity & Design, Advertising


Rebranding a transportation company for the 21st century.

Scope of Services: Brand Identity & Design, Direct Mail, Website

Bamboo Partners

Branding a strategy implementation company strategically. 

Scope of Services: Brand Identity & Design, Collateral, Website

Kitchak Cellars

Serving up a tasty new brand for a new wine. 

Scope of Services: Brand Identity & Design, Collateral, Website

Brand Building

Miscellaneous naming, brand design and brand refresh examples.

Scope of Service: Various



Miscellaneous package design.

Scope of Service: Various