airforce Nutrisoda


airforce Nutrisoda developed a new line of nutrient enhanced beverages in the extremely crowded soft drink market with little money and well-funded competition. We identified On-The-Go-Drivers, a group of highly motivated and image conscious consumers. They want to look and feel their best and they’re willing to spend money to do so.


Our target audience spends a lot of time at airports. Our in-terminal advertising program was so successful that Clear Channel, the airport media placement company, gave us twenty-two other airports for the cost of printing alone. They wanted to show other advertisers what a smart, successful program looks like.


This program was also well received by Host Foods, the company in charge of stocking in-airport concession stands. Because of this, airforce Nutrisoda was able to garner shelf space in all these airports months ahead of schedule. airforce Nutrisoda was acquired by Pepsi Americas in January of 2006.



Scope of Service: Brand Identity, Print, Outdoor, Production